Salvatore Lopiparo

Software Engineer

Facebook Destroys a Gaming Platform


So in recent news, Facebook purchased Oculus, the people who make the VR headset called the “Rift”, for $2 billion. In so doing, Facebook has in effect destroyed a future gaming platform.

The Oculus Rift VR technology had a huge potential for creating amazingly immersive gaming experiences. Once Facebook puts its fingers all over the Rift, we will instead be given a partially immersive, ad-ridden, farmville-notification-driven experience filled with the avatars of your family.

Virtual reality will change from being an escapist’s dream to their anti-social nightmare. Get ready to awkwardly talk to the avatar of that one high school friend you haven’t talked to in 10 years, or walk to your aunt’s virtual farm to water her virtual carrots. “It looks like you’re about to fight a dragon, would you like to share this with your friends?”

No thanks. I will hope, for now, that Sony can keep away from the social game.

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