Salvatore Lopiparo

Software Engineer

Can I Mog It? Addon

Can I Mog It? is a quality of life addon for the video game World of Warcraft.

Can I Mog It? builds upon the default user interface with minimal impact. Color blind friendly icons and text are added to the tooltip to help players see at a glance if they already have learned an appearance. Icons from the addon can also be shown as an overlay throughout the default interface (bags, bank, vendors, dungeon journal, etc.) to allow quick learning or selling of items, assist them in buying new appearances, or help them plan what they might want to farm next.

With over 3 million downloads it is a minimalist addition to many players’ interface and only four days after being released it was featured on the leading World of Warcraft news site MMO-Champion.

Date: June 19, 2016-Present
Language: Lua
Repository: GitLab
Addon Websites: CurseForge, WoWInterface