Salvatore Lopiparo

Software Engineer

Profanity and Video Games – Xbox One Privilege Restrictions

TechCrunch released an article yesterday about Microsoft removing privileges from users Xbox Live accounts. The offenders had shared game videos involving “excessive profanity as well as other Code of Conduct violations”, which apparently is something Microsoft is finally cracking down on. In the article, the author writes that he disapproves of the policy enforcement, saying in essence that games and foul language go hand-in-hand.

My opinion is quite different. I am glad that Microsoft is removing the foul-languaged content. It can be argued that for free speech that you can say whatever you like while playing your video games, which is true. However, sharing a video of you sniping someone as you insult their mother in 19 different ways is hardly good entertainment for a large part of the gaming community.

It is commonly thought that Xbox users are all 8-year-olds with a large foul-language vocabulary, and it seems like Microsoft just wants to break that stigma. I primarily play PC games online, and excessive foul language is rarely a problem. And I like that. Maybe if they continue their crack-downs, I may actually consider getting an Xbox.


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